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Project Description

Located near the New Boulevard of Tirana, “Orbital Apartments”, will offer the best quality of construction for a wider audience. “Orbital Apartments” will have 6 buildings that vary from 10 to 12 floors. The first 2 buildings will be L-shaped and will be a total of 14 floors of which 12 will have a residential or commercial function and 2 underground floors will be used for parking. Parking spaces are intended to accommodate one vehicle per residential unit and one parking space for each commercial space over 100 square meters.

Design and

The facade is designed and thought to be elegant and sustainable. Materials such as terracotta, glass, and aluminum composite will be used. The facade is designed with “louvres vertikale” and the joining of two consecutive windows on the facade is done with metal paneling. All lodges and windows/doors will be secured with metal railings with simple decor.

Project developer

Gener 2 is one of the largest private development and civil engineering companies in Albania with a diversified business portfolio that includes civil construction, infrastructure development, engineering, project management, energy, telecommunication, property management, retail, and media. Counting more than 25 years of experience in the market, Gener 2 has established as the most prestigious development firm with a strong commitment to excellence.

Strategic location

Located between Jordan Misja, Filip Jano and the New Boulevard of Tirana (extension from Zogu I to Lana river) Orbital Apartments.

"Life in Orbital Apartments"

Facilities at

Designed for power optimization

Building Management System (BMS)

Noise isolation

Thermal isolation

Glass facade with energy efficiency

24 hours security system

2 underground parking floors

Earthquake resistant RCC structure

Emergency exit

Stairs with fire protection


Well-organized residential areas will offer apartments with different dimensions and orientations, benefiting from the natural light and ventilation. The building is organized to perform the main residential function with apartments that vary from 45-62 m2 with a 1+1 layout, 65-90 m2 with a layout of 2+1, and 95-109 m2 with a 3+1 layout.



Service floor

Service floors are planned to be on the first floor of the building and partly on the second floor of the building. The ground floor will have commercial environments within the trail of the building, all these units will have direct access to the outside of the building. The service unit on the first floor and partly on the second floor will be accessed by the first and second halls from the inner part of the building, not from the main roads.


Underground public parking will be provided with a total of 124 parking spaces, enabling 1 parking space for every apartment and 1 parking space per 100 m2 of service areas.